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What jobs will allow me to travel all over the world with decent pay?
I'm going into college soon, and I would just like to have an idea of what types of jobs/careers I can get myself into that will allow me to travel to places all over the world. I absolutely LOVE traveling - learning about different culture and the lifestyle of people in different areas fascinates me, and to get paid for it makes it even more worthwhile, but I don't exactly know what I can do. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks. :)
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To clarify a bit, I want my job to actually require traveling opposed to just having vacation time.
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Airline flight crews, military, photo or print journalist, nature photographer. The people that do the most travel in the company I work for these days are supplier management people - particularly auditors. With globalization, a lot of supplied parts, materials and subassemblies come from far flung places around the world. One of the most in demand fields anywhere would be healthcare - it's the one area where you would be most likely to be able to land a job in a foreign country if you're interested in that. In that case, your job may not directly require travel, but you may be in a position to go out exploring on your own on weekends and holidays. I've been living in Italy for the last 12 years and have had the chance to visit most of Europe during that time.

You need to be aware that traveling for a job is not the same as travel on a vacation; it can be a great opportunity and rewarding. It can also be a lot of wear and tear - you really have to have the right personality to be on the road a lot and you don't necessarily get a chance to spend any time sightseeing. You could also consider foreign service (i.e., diplomatic corps).

Other possibilities might include oceanography, anthropology or archaeology but they don't necessarily get you in the field.
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Yoga girl
I want to be a teacher, which will give me a great amount of travel time. I also want to perhaps spend a year volunteering abroad which is great for my resume, plus that is something I'd like to do anyways. Of course famous people get to travel a lot, but it's not very realistic to depend on the fact that you will have a successful career in the entertainment industry. It depends whether you want to travel outside of work or for your job - for example, doctors, lawyers, and high-up business people get vacation time, but their actual job doesn't usually involve travel. What I also sometimes think about is starting my own charity/organization, perhaps in Nepal or Pakistan. Maybe I will be Greg Mortensen (Three Cups of Tea author) and build schools, or maybe I will do that and also other things!
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David N

It depends on what sort of a job you will get after you graduate.

Go to work for any company that does business internationally and you may find an opportunity working at the home office in the International Department.

If you want to see the world and get paid for it, you will need to be fluent in several languages.

Did you ever think about going to the Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point, NY) and graduating as an officer in the maritime industry?
US Merchant Marine Academy
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